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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 6, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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building on sands drive. that's near the curtner avenue- guadalupe freeway interchange. two people who were inside the garage are being treated right now for smoke inhalation. we'll have the latest later in the show. the coroner says he has never seen anything so horrific as this limousine fire that left five members of a bachelorette party dead. 4 other women are in the hospital now suffering from burns and smoke inhalation. that fire saturday night apparently started in the back of the limousine, but the cause is under investigation this morning. the limo driver was the only one who was not injured. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington joins us now with some developing knew from valley medical center in san jose. >> reporter: good morning. two of the victims are being treated here at valley medical center and as of yesterday, they were in critical condition. the other two are being treated at stanford hospital, where they are in the icu. ten people total including the driver were inside of a limousine saturday night that burst into flames as it was heading over the san mateo bridge. nine women in the back were on
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the way to either a bridle shower or bachelorette party in foster city. only four of them were able to escape the flames. five, including the bride, were trapped and died inside of the limo. the bride has been identified as a registered nurse from fresno. she was recently married but was planning another ceremony for her family in her native philippines. a coworker of the bride and another woman who died is among those mourning. >> we have an inside joke, when it's time we are so busy we'll say, is it time for tea? so friday, for some reason, that was the only night we didn't say, is it time for tea? [ crying ] >> now she's gone. >> reporter: the san mateo county coroner told us one woman escaped by crawling through the partition window that separates the driver from passengers and was able to get
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out of a front door. the other five appeared to be trying to do the same but didn't make it. the driver, 46-year-old oroville brown, was not injured. what caused that fire in the first place is still under investigation. and there will be a news conference later on this morning with new information. reporting live in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> elissa, so sad there. have you spoken with the limo company at all? >> reporter: i reached out to the limo company, limo stop, inc., and got an email from the owner who told me that they are saddened by the tragedy and they are doing everything possible to assist authorities and bring closure to the families. michelle? >> all right. elissa harrington live in san jose, thank you. well, that horrifying fire scene was captured on cell phone video. roxana and carlos guzman had their cell phone cameras rolling as they were driving past the scene of that deadly fire on saturday night. they didn't know at the time though that five women were
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trapped inside that burning car. just like me, i have been on that limo before. i still feel bad because maybe -- >> i'm still in shock. i can't believe it. my condolences to the family. >> the guzmans didn't learn until yesterday that the fire they saw saturday night killed five women. a family limousine business has been around for 20 years, he won't speculate on the cause of saturday night's fatal fire but gives us some insight into the industry regulations and safety procedures. he says fire extinguishers are not required in limos, but he says that customers should know limo fires are not common. >> they hold up to 20 gallons of gas. so it does hold a lot of gas, but the vehicle, if there's any reason of a short or something like that, it probably would be something very uncommon, very,
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you know, random. >> the national limousine association website shows that the company involved in saturday's incident is in fact a member so the owner or driver would have had to agree to abide by maintenance recommendations. the company involved has issued a statement. it says limo stop, inc., will do everything possible to investigate and assist authorities in determining the cause of this fire in order to help bring forth answers and provide closure to the victims and their families. and we have complete coverage of this limo fire on our website, kpix 5. let's switch gears now at 5:04, find out how the weather is for our workweek. it's a monday after all. a cooldown is here. >> remember we were talking record highs a few days ago? those are long gone. we are back to normal in the bay area. we have a few showers rotating through yesterday, maybe a few more today. our hi-def doppler radar is tracking some of the raindrops just off the coastline but that low is spinning off the coast as well so that could spin up a few showers in our direction
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throughout the day today so a good idea to grab the umbrella. you may not need it but there might be a time when one of these rotates through. it's going to be isolated but it will bring a chance of a few scattered showers. looks like the temperatures right now starting out mild in the 50s and low 60s in most spots. i think by the afternoon, we'll see a mild day inland, temperatures there into the 70s, a few 60s and 70s around the bay and 60s out toward the coastline. when might we see some warmer weather? we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. and outside right now here's our live look across the golden gate bridge. in our last traffic report we were able to see some construction crews out there. they were clearing the scene once again re-opening lanes on the right-hand side of your screen, northbound. so overall everything is pretty much free and clear. we saw some lane change trucks. everything is at the limit between marin and san francisco. the san mateo bridge, this camera position is past the toll plaza so the headlights
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coming towards you is eastbound traffic into hayward. both directions 14 minutes between hayward and the peninsula side of the bridge. if you are commuting down the east east, one of our busiest spots this time of the morning, this is a live look through ashby. that drive time 18 minutes on westbound 80 from carquinez bridge to the maze. you notice a lot of green happening in the east bay so not too many hot spots so far at this time of the morning. westbound 237 silicon valley commute looks something like this as you leave milpitas. and everything is moving at the limit all the way towards sunnyvale. look at this. we have some brake lights coming out of the altamont pass. we are just beginning to see our usual delays coming out of tracy on 205 and continuing out towards the altamont pass. livermore pretty good and looking quiet towards the dublin interchange. bart so far still on time. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:06. one man is dead following a
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shooting late sunday in oakland. police responded to gunshots on the 8600 block of dowling at 10 p.m. two men were found injured, one died at the hospital. police don't have a suspect. oakland police are addressing the community about recent crime. they are planning a meeting on public safety tonight from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the north oakland senior center. the meeting comes on the heels of two murders last week, which one killed a 21-year-old mother. a police briefing is scheduled for today on a drive- by shooting that left six people injured in east palo alto at a bus stop yesterday afternoon near a mcdonald's restaurant on university avenue near bay road. police say the shots came from a small gray or silver car. four men and a woman are being treated for minor wounds and the woman's granddaughter was injured when she fell running away. no word yet on a possible motive. authorities in calaveras county say they are down to just one witness in the
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homicide of 8-year-old leila fowler. dive teams spent yesterday searching for clues in two small reservoirs next to her home. but what evidence they have collected so far in their investigation and what they're still looking for, that's all being kept under wraps. friends of the victim's family say they hope the sheriff is closer to an arrest. >> i got three girls. they're little. they used to play outside but since this, now they don't. >> the reservoirs being searched about four feet deep. investigators have not said what led them to that area. investigators are looking into the cause of a the woulding accident that left two people dead. it happened on lexington reservoir near los gatos sunday afternoon. sheriff's deputies say four people were in a canoe that capsized. a 16-year-old girl and a 25- year-old male made it back to shore but the bodies of two men who were 30 and 35 were pulled from the water later. authorities say no one was wearing a life vest. there's been a rash of
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deaths among people fishing for abalone off the northern california coast. the latest was in sonoma county saturday when a man collapsed and died on the beach at salt point state park. it's the same location where six days earlier a diver died after he got caught in a riptide. that same day, a man drowned in the waters off fort bragg in mendocino county. another man drowned off sonoma county shell beach on april 27th. 5:09. the golden state warriors hope their new arena's latest look is a slam-dunk with the fans. the new design includes more public access, fire station and deep water ship berth plus a view inside the practice facility and into the arena during games, as well. privately financed arena will be located between the ferry building and at&t park. transportation officials will likely announce on wednesday how much it will cost and how long it will take to build to make repairs on the new bay bridge, rather.
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they are working on a fix to hold down two seismic safety devices that were originally secured by 96 large anchor bolts. some of those bolts broke when they were tightened in march. and starting today, bart has new acts to temporarily ban troublemakers on their trains. a new state law allows the transit agency to issue prohibition orders against anyone who commits certain offense on bart property including defacing property and urinating in public. the law has its limitations, though. bart can only ban people who have been cited at least three times within a three-month period. time now 5:10. violence on the soccer field. the call that cost one ref his life and the young player now facing charges. >> and controversy over new york's 9/11 museum. the proposal some are calling outrageous. >> and up in smoke. why this demolition of a sugar plant didn't go as planned. ,,,,
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quite go as planned. the en building was the demolition of an abandoned sugar factory in
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colorado did not go as planned. the entire building was supposed to come down. but parts of it are still standing with the water tower now on top of it. the building is more than 110 years old and had once provided jobs to the locals there. it's not clear how the town plans to finish the demolition. they are going to have to do something. >> how embarrassing for the guy who put it together. you have all the cameras. you know it's going to end up on every newsfeed. oh-oh. >> people love to see the demolitions. >> what state was that? >> a rural town in northern colorado. [ laughter ] >> oh, well. >> it's a big old whoops. i know. all those crowds gather and then nothing happens. i want to take you out over the altamont pass because we're just beginning to see a good bit of brake lights right now. it looks like from grant line towards, well, coming up over the altamont pass. we are seeing some yellow sensors and we'll flip over. not quite to vasco road yet but the drive time is up to 21 minutes now between the
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altamont pass and 680 so that will likely turn yellow any minute. just your usual commuter traffic heading into livermore, though, and through the dublin interchange. westbound 4 starting to see some brake lights now as well through antioch once again in those westbound lanes. nothing, though, once you get towards the pittsburg-bay point and concord area. then top speeds towards willow pass. mass transit is on time. live traffic cameras now, we have them scattered all across the bay area. and here is one across the san mateo bridge. our chp reports just alerted us to a stall on the flat section of the bridge on westbound 92. now, of course traffic is so light and it is so early it shouldn't cause much of a delay but it is in this direction heading out towards foster city heading out of hayward. and once again, bridge crews are working to clear it right now. let's go out towards 880 in oakland. overnight roadwork in both directions of 880. you could see it earlier approaching high street. it is gone about now because it
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is after 5:00. 15 minutes the drive time northbound 880 between 238 and the maze. if you are heading out of town a flight to catch over by oakland airport, southbound looks good past the oakland airport continuing down into hayward. let's go to the bay bridge now and no metering lights yet. so no big delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you want to beat the early- morning rush or later morning are you, everything looks good now getting into the city and there is no delay all across the upper deck. coming up we'll check your east bay drive times. we're talking weather now. what a change from a few days ago. yeah, it looks like we have more clouds out there now on our hi-def doppler radar, picking up showers and heavier rainfall over the sierra nevada. you can see some scattered showers just off our coastline. the possibility of some of those showers might rotate in our direction on and off throughout the day today so grab the umbrella out the door. skies partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. this afternoon, staying mild,
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some 70s inland. 30% chance of showers around the bay area, but hit and miss, not a rainout but you could occasionally see a few raindrops. that low continues to spin off the coastline, not a lot of moisture with it but occasionally you will see some clouds rotate back up into the bay area bringing with a chance of scattered showers. this is going to stay unsettled for today probably into tomorrow morning and then the low kicks eastward and we'll start to dry out. but for now computer models picking up on some of the clouds and a chance of a few scattered showers rotating through the bay area. toward the middle of the day a chance of widely scattered showers and then in the afternoon, maybe some bigger cells popping up. there is a slight chance we could see a wandering thunderstorm. so with that in mind throughout the day today a little unsettled here and around the state. 73 degrees in sacramento. the chance of thunderstorms in the sierra nevada. watch it heading up in that direction. about 54 degrees in lake tahoe. around the bay you'll see low 70s in the south bay, 60s at the coastline, east bay low to mid-70s in the warmest spots there and inside the bay we'll see 67 degrees in san
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francisco, 71 in oakland, should be about 69 degrees in petaluma. next couple of days, a little bit unsettled with a slight chance of showers. these temperatures running right about the average for this time of year. then it looks like we'll slowly warm things up with the latter part of the week and by next weekend we get things back into the 80s in the warmest spots inland. >> we kind of needed this. >> the cooldown to the 70s isn't bad. >> it was very windy along the coastline on the weekend but those are gone, too. >> thank you. 5:18. the fbi is giving no official details about its latest search of the home of boston bombing suspect tamerlin tsarnaev. agents returned yesterday to the cambridge apartment. sources telling cbs news that small amounts of bomb residue were found inside the home. meanwhile it's still not clear where tamerlin tsarnaev will be buried. the funeral home director says he's frustrated that no cemeteries are willing to accept the body. >> whatever it is, whoever he is, in this country, we bury
5:19 am
people. i don't care who it is. >> tamerlan tsarnaev was killed in a gunfight with police on april 19. a utah soccer referee punched by a player has died. 46-year-old ricardo portilo died saturday night after being in a week-long coma. salt lake city police say a 17- year-old goalie punched him in the head after the ref called a foul and issued him a yellow card. >> he loved soccer. and he was just really bad, we never thought this was going to happen. he loved what he did and it was his passion. the doctor says only a miracle will bring my daddy back. >> doctors don't know what exactly caused his death but say he did suffer major swelling in the brain. the goalie is now in juvenile detention. a decision to charge admission at new york's 9/11 memorial is sparking controversy. some families of victims say the museum should be free but the museum board will charge somewhere between $20 and $25
5:20 am
when that site opens up officially next year. the money will help with operating costs and it's not cheap. the expenses are expected to be about $0 million a year. and i would imagine a lot of people will be visiting. >> oh, yes. 5:20. bring out the brooms. the giants sweep the dodgers and are still on a roll. >> they were hot last night. plus the quest for the cup, speak of hot. a big night in san jose as the sharks look to make a little round 1 history. >> but first, as we count down to opening day here, here's a look at the new bay bridge. ,,
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to what we can achieve. good morning. checking your bridges across the bay area, we got two stalls right now. one on the upper deck of the bay bridge, and one on westbound 92 as you cross the san mateo bridge. they are working to clear both of them and the golden gate moving fine this morning out of marin county. we'll have much more traffic and weather coming up every 10 minutes. >> the sharks are on the verge of sweeping the vancouver canucks out of the stanley cup play-offs. >> one more game, that's all it's going to take. they were hot and hot again last night. game 3 downtown san jose last night. logan couture patrick marleau scored just nine seconds apart in the third period as the sharks won 5-2 over the
5:24 am
canucks. san jose leads the best-of- seven series three games to none. game 4 at the tank tomorrow night. they can sweep them out. how about some baseball? giants were at hope, speaking of sweeps, taking on the dodgers looking to make it three in a row against the dodgers. hunter pence a big game for the giants up 2-0 with an rbi double in the third and doubled again in the 5th. he drove in all four giants runs and matt cain pitched into the 8th, finally got his first win of the year. long time coming. the giants beat the dodgers 4- 3. they are home against the phillies tonight. cinco de mayo, romo got it. >> the oakland as at yankee stadium, the as ahead with a home run in the 4th. in the 5th, cespedes a two-run shot. oakland closer grant balfour with his fifth save in as many tries. as win in new york, taking 2
5:25 am
out of 3 there. memphis grizzlies poindexter with the shot from half court. our play of the day, he buries this baby. see you later! boom! got it. all for nought, though, as memphis falls to oklahoma city in a tight game, 93-91. but that was a terrific long three-pointer. and the warriors are in action tonight. it's game one of their second round play-off series on the road at san antonio. so we'll all have red eyes tomorrow morning. >> no kidding. >> stayed up late watching the game. >> it's going to be a tough series but they can do it. >> they haven't won in san antonio since 1997. >> so we'll see. >> no time like the present. 5:25. the makers of the little blue pill make a bold move. how it's about to get easier for men to buy viagra. >> a limousine carrying a group of women to a bachelorette party over the weekend turned into a fiery death trap. we are learning more about the victims and the bride-to-be who
5:26 am
died in the fire. >> plus we'll look into what it takes to operate a limousine service. the important piece of safety equipment drivers are not required to carry. that and much more when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, goodnight.
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thanks, olivia.
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dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald the search for answers after a limo fire killed a bride and four of her friends. how one of the women was able to escape the inferno. >> we have plenty of clouds around the bay area, even a chance of showers. our hi-def doppler is tracking the storm system. we'll tell you all about it coming up. >> a tractor-trailer overturned, may be blocking lanes on lucas valley road in marin. that and more on the morning drive coming up. good morning, it's monday,
5:30 am
may 6. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. monday is here. nearly 5:30 now. we should learn more today about a tragic limousine fire on saturday night that killed five members of a bridal shower. >> it happened late saturday night on the san mateo bridge. four other women survived and they are still in the hospital suffering from burns and smoke inhalation. the fire apparently started in the back of the limousine. but at this point, the cause remains under investigation. the limo driver was the only one who was not injured. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington joins us now from valley medical center in san jose where two of the victims are hospitalized. elissa? >> reporter: those two victims in critical condition. another two in icu at stanford hospital. such a sad story because this was supposed to be a fun nigh a group of friends renting out a limo for a bachelorette party. the bride died. here's her picture, 31-year-old
5:31 am
neriza fojas. this is from her facebook page now filled with condolences. she was with a group of girlfriends in the back of a limo when it suddenly caught on fire. 10 people total including the driver were in the white stretch lincoln town car as it was heading over the san mateo bridge towards foster city. the driver pulled over on the bridge and was not hurt. video from a witness shows flames shooting off the back. four women were able to escape. but the coroner said that one of them crawled through the partition window that separates the driver from the passengers. the other five were trapped and died inside of the limo. the san mateo county coroner has been with the coroner's office 21 years and he told me, this was one of the most horrific things he has ever seen. the 31-year-old bride had recently married but was planning a second wedding in her native philippines next month. she was a nurse in fresno where her he could workers are coming to terms with her death. >> friday night we have an inside joke, when it's time we
5:32 am
are so busy and we will say, is it time for tea? so friday, for some reason, that was the only night we didn't say, is it time for tea. and now she's gone. >> reporter: the four women who escaped are being hospitalized, two in critical condition at valley medical center, the driver 46-year-old orville brown escaped without injury. the women who escaped's names have also been released. jasmine desguia and amalia loyola and several others. all of them are being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. reporting live in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> thank you. the names of all of the women who died have not been officially released yet. at 10 a.m. this morning the chp, coroner and other officials plan a news
5:33 am
conference about the deadly fire. this video comes from two viewers who passed the area. roxana and carlos guzman had their cell phone camera rolling. they had no idea five people were trapped inside. >> the big fire over there, i was -- i was like oh, my gosh, there is one car, maybe there's people there, that's the first thing that i thought. >> nobody really went to the limo if there was people in there, i would guess, they would try to get them out. >> the brother and sister returned home after they saw the fire saturday night and didn't learn about the full scope of the tragedy until the next day. the company involved in the fire limostop issued a statement saying, limostop, inc., will do everything possible to investigate and assist authorities in determining the cause of the fire in order to help bring forth answers and provide closure to the victims and their families." and we are learning more about how the limousine business is
5:34 am
regulated now. a long-time owner of a company not involved in saturday's incident says fire extinguishers are not required inside limousines. but his cars do have them. and what rashad de babo won't doe is speculate on the cause of the fire but he says car fires are not common in limos. >> these cars hold a lot of gas, 20 gallons. but the vehicle, if there's any reason of a short or something like that, it probably would be something very uncommon, very random. >> the national limousine association website shows that the company involved in saturday's incident is in fact a member so the owner or driver would have agreed to abide by maintenance recommendations. of course, we have complete coverage of the limo fire at some breaking news we're following now in san jose. a fire has forced evacuations at a large apartment building. these are live pictures. you can see all of the emergency vehicles down there.
5:35 am
the fire department says it began in a car and at this point, it's contained to a parking garage under the building on sands drive. these near the -- that's near the curtner avenue-guadalupe interchange. two people in the garage are being treated for smoke inhalation. between 150 and 200 people have been evacuated. and we're hearing that people were rushing to move their cars, which made it a little difficult for firefighters to get to the fire. but we are going to keep on top of this and give you details as we get updates. 5:35. let's check weather now. i guess umbrella, perhaps today? we might have a little rain. >> i think you should bring one just in case. >> i didn't bring mine. >> well, sorry about that! you're out of luck because we're not going to share with you today. [ laughter ] >> just kidding, of course. we'll share with you. we have scattered showers a possibility for the day today. they are going to be isolated. it's not going to be a rainout. out the door our hi-def doppler radar is showing you mostly heavier amounts of rainfall over the sierra nevada. but you will notice off the coastline we have scattered light showers out there. now, that will take some time
5:36 am
before it possibly moves onshore but there is the possibility that it can. we have this area of low pressure just spinning off the coastline that can rotate some showers in our direction on and off throughout the day today, not going to be a rainout but a chance you could see some scattered showers. over the bay now broken clouds. temperatures running fairly mild this morning. 59 oakland. 58 san jose and san francisco. this afternoon, a chance of a few scattered showers. then the temperatures are going to be fairly mild, mainly in the 70s inland, 60s and 70s in the bay, and 60s toward the coastline. when might we see a warming trend? we'll talk about that coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. and we just got off the phone with chp out of marin and this overturn accident, we have new details on it. the truck is up right but it's a tractor-trailer that's overturned off the road. both directions of lucas valley road are shut down approaching westgate drive. so heads up if you normally use that commute. the main lines of 101 northbound and southbound looking great from novato all the way down into san rafael and continuing towards the
5:37 am
golden gate bridge. no delays. cannot say that about the altamont pass commute any longer. yes, it's busy out of tracy on 205 and then continuing out towards grant line and even past it all the way towards vasco we are seeing a few taps of the brake lights. 24 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. but once you get past that vasco road exit it looks like things improve quite a bit. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. east palo alto police plan a noontime briefing on a drive- by shooting that left six people injured. it happened at a bus stop yesterday afternoon near mcdonald's restaurant on university avenue near bay road. police say the shots came from a small gray or silver car. four men and a woman were wounded and the woman's granddaughter was injured in a fall while trying to run away. none of the injuries are life- threatening and the motive sun clear. there's only a single
5:38 am
witness in the death of leila fowler. dive teams searched for clues in two reservoirs near the girl's home. one neighbor recanted her story of seeing the attacker. that leaves fowler's 12-year- old brother, who told investigators he saw the attacker flee the house. a former fbi profiler tells kpix 5 it's an unusual case. >> did someone come from far across town, stop his car and randomly kill the girl? probably not. if it was no one in the home, it was probably someone that had seen her before. >> calaveras county detectives say that the brother and other family members are witnesses only, not suspects. the fowler home remains a crime scene and closed to the family and others. checking bay area news, a vigil last night for a man who was shot to death in oakland a year ago. alan blueford was 18 years old when he was shot by a police officer on birch street last may 5. the alameda county d.a.'s office determined the
5:39 am
shooting was justified. blueford's family has protested the ruling and they filed suit. and critics of pg&e's handling of the san bruno explosion and fire will hold a news conference this morning. the mayor, jim ruane, and others plan to talk about fines they believe the utility should pay for the pipeline disaster. 8 people were killed and 38 homes destroyed in september 2010. new this morning, italy's former premier julio andreotti has died. he has been in and out of the hospital with heart problems. he once was italy's most powerful -- one of the most powerful men serving as premier 7 times. in the '90s he was indicted for his alleged connections to the mafia was but cleared. tensions in the middle east are escalating again after israeli air strikes in syria. a senior israeli official says the air strikes targeted missiles that were bound for the militant group hezbollah. israeli officials believe iran is trying to send sophisticated
5:40 am
weapons to hezbollah ahead of a possible collapse of syrian president bashar assad's government. >> you have the al qaeda front organization in the thousands showing up. and they are arguing now that if this continues, you could have in excess of 10,000 foreign fighters pouring into the country across the course of a year. >> so far, the white house is not commenting directly on the air strikes but it says president obama says israel has the right to defend itself. the u.s. is still considering how to respond to evidence the syrian government may have used chemical weapons in its civil war. the decision in congress that could make online shopping more expensive. >> bashful men no longer have to face the pharmacist. the major first involving the little blue pill. dale: we're from oregon,
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the 34-year-old pilot died. when his vintage 1950's plane did during an aerial this turns deadly in madrid, spain when a plane crashes into a hangar and explodes. the 34-year-old pilot dies when his vintage 1950s plane died as you can see during an aerial acrobatic show. it hit power lines causing
5:44 am
panic down below with the 3,000 spectators. southern california firefighters expect to get the springs fire contained sometime today. all the evacuation orders in the fire zone have now been lifted. the fire in ventura county is 75% contained. investigators think it started accidentally. a fire official says it's possible a piece of hot metal fell into the dry brush along highway 101 early thursday. and this is wildfire awareness week in california. governor jerry brown will join firefighters and other emergency responders near sacramento to talk about preparations for the long fire season. a series of statewide meetings on fire preparedness is planned this week and that includes one at 10 a.m. at the marin civic center in san rafael. 5:44. it's too bad all the relief is coming maybe a week too late. >> yeah, boy, you know, we started the fire season early this year. we haven't had much rain since january. but looks like we are seeing a few scattered showers around the bay area right now. nothing too heavy. out the door, grab the umbrella, you may need it from
5:45 am
time to time. our hi-def doppler radar showing you some of those scattered showers, not much, but yeah, some of those wandering showers might rotate over your neighborhood. so you might want to be prepared for that if you are heading out the door. i think we are looking at some unsettled weather, mostly cloudy start, chance of showers, cool to mild around the bay area, then unsettled weather looks like through tomorrow before things begin to calm down. low pressure spinning off the coastline spinning up the chance of a few scattered showers. going to keep things unsettled today and into tomorrow morning. then by tomorrow afternoon, this low probably going to kick eastward. then we start to dry things out. computer models picking up on some of the chance of showers. you will see those widely scattered rotate around the bay area through the noontime hour. then as we look toward the afternoon, even a slight chance of a wandering thunderstorm popping up outside. so yeah, a little bit unsettled for today, not only here but around the the state. about 73 degrees a chance of showers into sacramento, a chance of more thunderstorms in the high country, 54 degrees in lake tahoe. around the bay today you will see some low 70s in the south
5:46 am
bay, 60s at the coastline. east bay low to maybe mid-70s on the warm end. and as you head inside the bay, you will find about 71 in oakland. 67 in san francisco. and about 69 degrees in petaluma. next couple of days, a little unsettled a chance of a few scattered showers. dry on wednesday and thursday, slowly warming back into the 80s by next weekend. that's a look at weather. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. we have had a few minor incidents so far this morning and we have word after a few new accidents. first we'll take you out to the bay bridge. we had a couple of stalls. they cleared a stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge. now we are left with a backup at least in the cash lanes, the fastrak, middle lanes still getting by okay. metering lights are off. so small delays. over at the san mateo bridge, no big issues at all. westbound 92 so far cruising along at the limit. a little earlier on the flat section of the bridge, there was a stall reported. but they got that out of the way quickly. so this is the commute direction, traffic heading out of hayward heading out over the high-rise and eastbound is pretty quiet, as well. again that drive time is still
5:47 am
about 15 minutes in both directions between hayward and foster city. so let's get right to our maps. we just got off the phone with chp. they are doing some traffic control in that area and they may have to shut down a stretch of eastbound 84 approaching east vineyard avenue. there was an accident just reported injuries, as well. so again, just a heads up. we'll get more details for you on what's going on there. but that is over in the livermore area. and also we'll go traveling over the silicon valley commute. this is a good spot. this is a good one on westbound 237 leaving milpitas. and you can see so far all green on our traffic sensors all the way towards sunnyvale. so yeah, no delay really all the way towards the south bay. and we are going to take you flying now over the altamont pass. westbound 580. pretty busy this morning. we got an early-morning start coming over the altamont pass coming 205 out of tracy and then just a continuous long line of brake lights even beyond vasco road. the drive time has slowly
5:48 am
creeped up. up to 27 minutes now between the altamont pass and 680 so once again we're almost seeing -- well, past vasco not quite towards the dublin interchange. once you got past that vasco road exit then we see some improvement. a quick check of highway 4. look at this. super slow already this morning coming off the antioch bridge and traveling "a" street towards loveridge. past loveridge things look good. let's check pittsburg-bay point in concord, everything is back to green meaning speeds are over 40 miles an hour. back to you guys >> thank you. three dow will open this morning just short of its all -- the dow will open this morning just short of its all- time high. ashley morrison of on her favorite day of the week, good morning. >> reporter: isn't monday everyone's favorite day of the week? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: good morning. more like friday. well, a strong monthly jobs report on friday did drive the dow past a milestone. the blue chip index topped 15,000 for a while. the dow's last significant milestone was almost 6 years
5:49 am
ago when it reached 14,000. the dow ended 142 points higher on friday. the nasdaq was up 38 points. the s&p 500 also gained 16 points breaking above 1600 for the first time. the senate is expected to pass a bill today making it easier for states to collect sales taxes for online purchases. many online sales are tax-free under the current law. that means states lost an estimated $23 billion last year. some of the nation's biggest retailers support the senate measure but small business owners say it will mean an accounting nightmare. the bill faces an uncertain fate in the house. and u.s. cellular will finally start selling the iphone. the company was the only major u.s. wireless carrier to reject apple's smartphone saying it was just too expensive. the iphone is more expensive than most of its competitors and phone companies absorb the cost to sell it for under $200. u.s. cellular did not say when it would start selling the iphone or which models it would carry. but it is on board with the
5:50 am
iphone now. >> do you have one yet? >> reporter: come on, frank. no. i'll let you know when it happens. >> all in good fun. hey, budweiser is unveiling a new bowtie shaped can this week to change the topic a little bit here. >> reporter: they certainly r they are actually releasing it today and the logo mimics the decades old logo that frames the budweiser name on packaging. it will be offered as an alternative to traditional cans, not replacing them. it comes in eight packs rather than the standard six. so if the bowtie doesn't draw you in, they threw in a couple of extra brews to entice you to buy it. >> we like that. all right. ashley morrison of, thank you. >> maybe not at 5:50. >> no. >> thank you, ashley. as i mentioned, 5:50 now. moving along, gas prices are going up nationwide. but in california, we're seeing a decrease, believe it or not. according to the lundberg survey the national average is
5:51 am
$3.54 a gallon up a penny in the last couple of weeks but in california the average is $3.85 down 6 cents. the highest average of course as always here in san francisco at $3.93. the lowest average in stockton at $3.75. the drug company pfizer has a new service for bashful men. it will begin selling viagra directly to patients on its website. men still will need a prescription to buy the pills but they no longer have to make a personal appearance to get the prescription filled. 5:51 now. a bomb plot forcing a major rock band to cancel their show. >> too much bieber fever. the pop star gets tackled on a piano and it's all caught on tape.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
all right. headed out to the red-hot giants game tonight? mostly cloudy skies. temperatures cooler tonight. plan on about 58 degrees. and we have word of a new accident now. it's on the right-hand shoulder but a truck facing the wrong way eastbound 4 at cummings skyway. we'll let you know if we have delays. that and more coming up. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is the latest recipient of the profile in courage award. >> we all have courage inside. i wish there was more courage in congress. [ laughter ] >> she was given the award yesterday in boston at the john f. kennedy presidential library and the museum there. giffords was shot in the head when a gunman opened fire at a tucson supermarket appearance. she became a tireless advocate for gun control since her
5:55 am
recovery. aerosmith has canceled a show in indonesia because of safety concerns. authorities say they foiled a bomb plot targeting the embassy of myanmar. the concert promoter cites safety issues without being specific. aerosmith had planned to play before 15,000 people this coming saturday in jakarta. the rock group says it hopes to make it up to its fans. singer justin bieber is apparently okay after being attacked on stage. >> speaking of security, here, it happened during a concert in dubai. he was at the piano playing "believe" when a person got on stage and tackled him from behind. they couldn't fix the piano which flipped over during the incident. security got that man off stage. they don't know what led to the attack.. "iron man 3" was at the top of the weekend competition for films.
5:56 am
it took in $175 million. hour: new rules for >> "iron man" 2 was on tv last night. >> catch up. 5:56. coming up in the next half hour we have new rules for bart riders and they all start today. the behavior that could get you kicked off the train. we'll tell you. >> and an update on a limo fire that killed five women and injured four others. more on the victims. >> and more than 100 people evacuated after a garage fire in san jose. how the rush to save their cars complicated things for firefighters. ,,,,,, goodnight.
5:57 am
thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french)
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so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
5:59 am
their limo erupts into flam. the search for a cause.. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. a newlywed killed with four friends when their limo erupts into flames. the search for a cause and how
6:00 am
the survivors were able to get out. >> reporter: as many as 200 people vac -- as many as 200 people evacuated when a fire breaks out in a garage. how the rush to save cars set backfire crews. an area of low pressure off the coastline could send showers in our direction. we'll talk about that coming up. delays building this more than over at the bay bridge. plus we are just getting word of a car fire in the altamont pass, could see delays there. much more on the morning drive coming up. good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:clock. developing news this morning. the search for the cause of a limousine fire that killed five people and hospitalized four others. >> the coroner has never seen anything so bad. the four female survivors are suffering from burns and smoke inhalation. the fire happened saturday night in the back of the limousine on the san mateo bridge. but the cause remains under investigation this morning. but chp plans a news conference later this morning.


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